struggling (with a mental chaos)


There are these days when you are busy doing many small things here and there, and end up having this emptiness in your brain in the evening. Today is one of those days. It sucks. It just sucks.

It’s strange, coz the day started with lots of communication as early as 4 a.m., brought lots of interesting impressions, a missed movie downtown (sorry, Barbara, but thx for the invitation + pls feel free to ask me on that thing) and a failed repair of an old notebook (Kilonzo, we shall find a cure for that heat sink problem soon).

And then there’s christmas. I found a Kshs. 1.000 note in my pocket, went to that Catholic (!) bookshop and bought the “Agikuyu – their customs, traditions & folklore” book for me. I needed to. THERE’S NO ESCAPE FROM THIS ONE, dear KUI, you hear me? Let’s go through this one together, or I’ll spam your blog with smilies.

I also saw the “Walking in Kenyatta Struggles” memoires by Duncan Ndegwa for sale at Prestige bookshop. Kshs. 2.500 /= for old stories on Mr A-G-pinstripe? Now that’s a lot of mbeca.

The best part, though: while waiting for my friends in front of that bookshop, I talked to a newspaper vendor and asked him about the Kenya Times office. After all, these cowards still owe me a Tusker.
The man told me he sells a maximum of 2 copies of Kenya Times each day. 2 COPIES! OH PLEASE!!!!

‘Nways, it’s just damn good to spend some interesting days in my beloved Nairobi. Back to shaggz life soon.

Man en piny maber miwuoro :-)

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