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  1. Merry ,Merry xmas my dear! Have a wonderful holiday, lots of tusker, nyama choma ,the whole nine! and may the new year bring more happiness and fulfillment.

    Now about that Santa, why does he look emaciated. Usually the Santa’s are big bellied fellas and a face that is joyful. They must not pay that dude much in that neck of the wood. Now , African should have their own Santa, you know, black beard, some masaai outfit or something African attire, with a featherly hat, a spear and shield but I bet that sight would scare wits the kids ..Oh well I bet sticking to the real santa is just as well after I bet Nairobi looks just like any cosmopolitan city at this time of the year.

  2. Hi,
    Merry Christmas to you too!!! and a Happy New Year too!!

    For the Santa maybe this Christmas should be ‘get Santa a present’ not vice versa but then again maybe he is a marathon runner completely fit and in no need of a big belly! D:)

  3. Emaciated – yeah, that’s the right word. Thx Irene!

    I was just strolling through Nakumatt Village (yeah, of course, where else) and came across this guy who didn’t look like he’s actually enjoying his job. He just dawdled around and rang his bell – and I had to grab my (mobile phone) cam and catch this. “This is sooooo going into my blog”, I thought, “otherwise noone is going to believe me what I’ve just seen”.

    That xmas dude was very much like The Big Lebowski. I only missed the White Russian in his hands.

    Now how ironic is that? Sure, we need an African Santa. It’s about time. How would he look like?

    @Mentalacrobatics: I can see a nice job opportunity for you here… :-)))))

  4. LOL “@Mentalacrobatics: I can see a nice job opportunity for you here… :-)))))”

    Enyewe that minute santa does not represent the bounty that Saint Nick should portend. Emaciated is correct. :-)

  5. LOOOL, could that Santa be any more pathetic looking?!

    Dude, hook him up with a meal.

    LMAO@ seeing opportunity for Mental!! Tihii, I’m on giggle train. Someone is gonna get their ass kicked around here.

  6. When I saw this! My first thought was, mhmmmm, this is a defamation suit in the making. So, where can I get hold of Santa.

    Has Mental seen your comment – oh, on that thought – that’s ANOTHER defamation suit in the making…Let me go alert him…heheh

  7. Hey, I ASKED him for permission first (and then of course told him I’m gonna blog it :-).

    As for Mental, hehe, it’s just that we need him here for a few drinks over the holidays! Next time I will apply for that Santa job. Hmmmmmm. Makes me think there could be an open position in Embu for this one…

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