being blessed


…and here I am in my room in downtown Embu, thinking I am far away from the rest of the world out there. Lakini:

  • there’s electricity (ok, most of the time)
  • there’s internet via notebook & gprs
  • there’s water (cold showers, yeah!)
  • there’s a comfy bed all for myself (most ppl in Kenya don’t have)
  • there are fresh fruits & vegetaboools available at the duka downstairs
  • there’s free music via the nightclub next door
  • there’s interesting work to do
  • …and there are visitors from all over the world on my blog who pop in daily to have a short glimpse into my world and the things I would like to share with you, my visitors. Thx!

@Steve: yes, I will try to blog more on/from Embu in the coming weeks. Will be in Nbo over the weekend though & try to obtain some informations on “jua kali-DIY-projects” which are still brewing somewhere deep down in my head…

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

11 thoughts on “being blessed”

  1. Now that is a wonderful glass half-full attitude that I ought to cultivate.

    I hope you have a wonderful time and learn some Embu while you are at it, and oh I am expecting even more pitures of Embu-land

  2. And we are also truly blessed to have you as our ‘friend in Kenya’. Thank you.

    Hey, while in NBO, if you have time, try to get a real steak dinner…steak dinner…steak dinner…steak dinner…

  3. Hey, remember to keep taking pictures of African ingenuity at work in Africa. I need more good stories for AfriGadget! :)

  4. JKE

    Keep up the great blogging: we are loving it so far.

    I checked out the soil maps and even saw a couple of places on the Chuka map where I have not been for more than 15 years. Thanks for the link.

    By the way, you should start an iMatatu-POD series of posts. The ipods that you have captured so far have been pretty cool.

    – Steve

  5. Everyone, thx!!

    Tibet…I think it’s a wrong IP identification. Like my varsity @ home alwys becomes interpreted as “Nepal” – and there I was, wondering about the many visitors from Nepal. Sooo….Burns, Tibet/Nepal = Uni LG.

    Steve, glad u liked the Chuka maps!

    Hash!! Thx for retagging my Afrigadget pics on flickr.

    E-Nyce…I had a real steak! YEAH! But at a private bbq…

  6. Regarding Uni LG perhaps the IP identification works properly. I assume it is interpeted as Hamburg. Anyway, I am impressed of so many visiors around the world and your dynamic created density map, another type of webmapping application. ;o)

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