Just around 8 p.m. on this Furahiday evening the whole of Embu experienced a power failure – and I was blessed with a wonderful new experience: a silent town.

The music @ the Night Club next door stopped playing, everything dark and I just reached out for my candoooools which I had bought the other day for exactly such situations.

Unfortunately, the electricity came back before I could fall asleep…electricity = 24h of music music music…soukous, benga, hiphop…and some Michael Bolton, Dolly Parton & other tortures. Well…if you can’t beat them, join them.


Author: jke

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4 thoughts on “kelele”

  1. Do you live near Kenol? I think that has to be one of the noisiest joints in Embu, I was staying at Izaak Walton in a room near the club and getting to sleep wasn’t the easiest thing!

  2. No, but I considered staying there at Izaaks. Lakini 2k for that place is just too much, I am staying downtown at Mugo Shopping Complex (kubu kubu) and there’s this night club upstairs / next door which plays music all over the night + the drunkards are just adding the rest. The problem with our fellow Kenyan drinkers is that they a) start with the hard stuff and then switch to Tusker and b) continue drinking until the sun comes back.

    Last night was nice though as they started singing along to some Kiuk-disco beats. Interesting.

    My new method of coping with such noises is to have one or two Tuskers before I go to bed :-)

  3. Btw, Izaaks is 2000 Ksh / night (resident’s price) and most other Inns in town are charging around 400 to 600 / single room (self contained). I went to Izaaks one day and they served nice coffee – but the place itself is rated higher than what it offers and if it is just as loud as this place due to Kenols I am better of with this place here. Thx for the info!

    My place here costs 3500 Ksh / month! :-))))

  4. I had some friends from Sweden who came over to do their grad school research and what they did is talk to someone at Izaak Walton and rented one of the managers houses. I think it cost them far less then paying on a nightly basis.
    But seems to me like you are settling in well where you are.As for Kenyans and their all night drinking, methinks other hobbies are in order!

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