pls compare…


(Thx, Barbara!)

@KenyaTimes: Next time you are re-publishing my words, pls let me know. I know I can’t be mad with you kwani no one I know actually reads the Kenya Times….ama?

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  1. Shame they didn’t inform you but at least they did quote the source.

    Who reads the Kenya Times anyway, I don’t think I’ve seen that thing in at least a decade.

  2. Kanu Juu!!! ROFL.LOL!! Gosh this is so amusing and I know it is no laughing matter but of all the papers -Kenya Times!!! But yenyewe like 69 said ,they should at least get yoru consent, this is a ground of suing big time.. You should call Kenya times and demand an apology for their dispay of unprofessionalism. I figured you would be featured in some media, the likes of , BBC, Nation, EA Standard but ati Kenya Times :-). No pun intended but I didn’t know they even have a weekend magazine LOL…

  3. Ati adopted from kikuyumoja realm having a ball with this one…only in Kenya!

  4. adopted from kikuyumoja realm …lol that caught me atleast the recognized

  5. what a crappy site! LOL. Btw. where have all that nice buttons at the bottom of your blog gone? Weren’t your post licensed under some CC-License? I now I get your statement on skype this morning…

    In any case, a newspaper should ask before it publishes from your blog.

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