home sweet home (in Embu)

1 EUR ==> ~ 90 Kshs.


1 new bed (made from cheaper materials, Embu price): 1650 /= Kshs.
1 new high density mattress 6,7 x 4 ft.: 3550 /= Kshs.
1 high density foam 20″ x 22″ (to fit in the remaining frame the mattress doesn’t cover – hey, I am tall!): 230 /= Kshs.
1 really huge (72 x 90″) blanket: 675 /= Kshs.
2 pillows (27 x 18″): 398 /= Kshs.
4 pc bed & pillow sheets: 799 /= Kshs.
1 Kikoi to cover the window: 300 /= Kshs.
1 “PermaNet” pre-treated mosquito net: 800 /= Kshs.

A wonderful colleague by the name of Zakayo who organised the bed at this price, had it delivered to the room, kicked the landlord to have the room repainted in time and just stood in front of the building when I arrived: priceless .

Zakayo – thengiu muno!

We rushed to Maguna Andu (“helping people”) supermarket here in Embu to buy the mattress etc before the shops closed and rewarded us with the obligatory Tusker and some mbuzi choma.



2 kgs of Mbuzi for 4 people


preparing the meat for the grill…


(pole for the weak picture quality)

Mbuzi (goat), Kachumbari (tomatoes, onions), Ugali (maize), Salt, Tusker (beer) and coke. YEAH!

When I woke up next day, I still smelled like a goat. Thx god it’s a holiday.

My room is approx. 20m away from a bar/restaurant…meaning: I smell fried chips and the meat grill while writing these lines, am killing cockroaches who want to make their way from the bathroom to my bed, there is no water in the “kitchen” and I have meanwhile gotten used to the noises coming from the bar (which opens @ 7 a.m. and closes long after I’ve gone to bed)…but it’s a safe (?) place somewhere downtown in Embu, relatively cheap, on a tarmacked (sp?) road (less mud during rainy season) and right now they are playing Daudi Kabaka’s “Safari Tanganyika”. Could I ask for more?

YES! An internet café would be nice… *gg*

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