8 thoughts on “How do you say…”

  1. >”Ndugekire irio maguta maingi”
    >”Ndugekire maguta maingi irio-ini.”
    >”Wee, tiga guikira irio maguta maingi uguo!”

  2. 1. Ithe/nyina wa Kamau,ndaguthaitha ndugekire maguta maingi irio -ini.
    2. Woii:-) ndugekire maguta maingi muno irio -ini ciakwa (
    3. Hi, tiga gwikira maguta maingi uguo …
    4. My friend, ndugekire maguta maingi irio -ini.. ( that might really work, not too forceful, in a friendly way)

    I hope all those versions works. But all depend on the tone of voice,facial expression (horror, your smiley self :-),etc) to get the desired results.

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