Koigi’s analogies (verdict: comprehensive)

“Recent­ly, the Kenya Foot­ball Fede­ra­ti­on kicked out our natio­nal team, Haram­bee Stars, out of the Moi Inter­na­tio­nal Sports Cent­re, Kas­a­ra­ni, and invi­ted the bet­ter-known Cameroon’s Indo­mita­ble Lions to prac­ti­se at Kenya’s best stadium.

Ins­tead, the natio­nal team was taken to Ruar­a­ka, a field not as good as Kas­a­ra­ni. It mat­te­red litt­le that at the time, Haram­bee Stars was pre­pa­ring for a match with Eri­trea. In the end, Kenya lost to a team that had been dis­mis­sed as minnows.”

Koi­gi’s recent com­ment on the Mzun­gu/Oba­ma/a­do­ring-pro­blem (Our peop­le have a long histo­ry of self-hat­red”) …now, alt­hough I am not wil­ling or able to dive deeper into this mat­ter and alt­hough I don’t want to open­ly won­der about his con­ti­nued efforts to enter­tain rea­ders with his views on various mat­ters (seems to me he has an opi­ni­on on almost anything — anyo­ne remem­ber JJ?), I find it qui­te enter­tai­ning how he puts in this vivid examp­le from the Fuss­ball­welt.

(note to mys­elf: learn the names of your local football/soccer team and be pre­pa­red to talk about this sub­ject more often to enhan­ce busi­ness oppor­tu­nities in Kenya :-)

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