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Hello, How are you doing today hope fine, you are to ship the item, through ( Registered mail) and below is the address of my youger brother in Nigeria that you are to ship the item to.
Okogun God’spower
(fake address)

And i want you to give me, your bank information or your to enable me make the payment of the Item.
Your full Name:
Bank Name:
Bic No:
Blz No:

And i want you to give me the information that i will used in making the payment of the item at western union office, I wlll be waiting to hear from as soon as possible. Greeting’s Barr, Msr.Godwin Billy.

Yeah, right.

Für alle, denen solche Mails beim Handel via Ebay die Laune vermiesen, sei diese hilfreiche Infoseite empfohlen. Seit August 2006 soll es auch eine bessere und unkompliziertere Gebührenerstattung seitens Ebay geben. Bin ich ja mal gespannt!

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