silica gel fun

What hap­pens when you mix Sili­ca Gel with water? Sili­ca Gel, the­se litt­le peb­bles insi­de of food pack­a­gings (like my emtpy Sus­hi­no­ri bag here) which are sup­po­sed to absorb any moisture…



…well.…it starts to react with the water and jumps up and down (just like popcorn!):



“Sili­ca Gel has been the favo­r­ed desiccant of the government and indus­try sin­ce World War II. It pre­vents rust, cor­ro­si­on, tar­nish, oxi­da­ti­on, mil­dew, fun­gus, mold, odor, spoi­la­ge, spot­ting, toning, and stains. Sili­ca Gel is an extre­me­ly important sub­s­tance in the world today, which makes it espe­cial­ly unfor­tu­n­a­te that so few peop­le give it the respect it deser­ves.” (source)

AOB: coun­try bump­kin are stran­ge
AOB2: the pope @ home (Bava­ria) — WHAT a welcome.…amazing…

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