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According to some brilliant marketing experts, xmas season for cakes & biscuits started this week on Monday morning.

Various xmas cookies for sale as early as September…

Same procedure as last year? German shopblogger Björn Harste has more on this. So what’s next? Chocolate Easter eggs on sale in November? Makes me think of finishing this “Top10 of cakes” post I was working on last night…

Talking about peculiar marketing, I just witnessed this funny scene @ a petrol station where someone wanted to buy cigarettes and couldn’t get the name right. That is, where are still in Germany over here – meaning: English words = German pronounciation. Aaaarrr juu gätting mai point? => In a world of strategies, where everything at the Point of Sale is detailed out from product placement to advertisment slogans, the cigarette manufactureres missed one important point: unpronouceaboooool brand names.

Pall Mall = Paaaaaaallll Maaaaalll
Marlboro = Maaarlll-boooohroooh
Drum = Druuuuummmmm
Lucky Strikes = Laaaakky Straikksss
R1 Slimline = Eeerrrreins Sliiihm-Laiihnn
Gauloises = Gauloises (fortunately, France seems to be close enough)
John Player Special (JSP) = Joott Peee Esss, Jäi Pii Esss, Pläijass

And the bad is yes, that the smokers before all in the educationweak population to be found are, which anyway not so good Englisch can.

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