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Spea­king of Dan and his art­works that inspi­red me and many others out the­re, I just had a quick stroll through his ear­ly jour­nals and came across this:

The (Karen­ga­ta) Chro­ni­cle / Nai­ro­bi, Satur­day, Octo­ber 12, 1985 / Pri­ce 3/50 (!)

An arti­cle by Nick Rus­sel from 1985 — eter­na­li­sed in Dan’s sketchbook.
Nick, edi­tor & publis­her of the Karen & Lan­ga­ta Chro­ni­cle sin­ce 21 years, recent­ly com­men­ted on the Nai­ro­bi low­down sto­ry and nowa­days runs an online edi­ti­on of the Chronicle. 

@Nick: have you ever thought about instal­ling a free blog­ging soft­ware such as the Wor­d­Press release on your webs­pace and may­be even joi­ning the ever-gro­wing Ken­y­an blo­gos­phe­re?
The basic idea behind using a blog­ging tool is that it a) makes it easier to publish con­tent on the inter­net, b) inter­act with your rea­ders and c) you won’t need any IT guru in the back­ground to fix the lay­out of your pages. Sijui about your webs­pace deals, but Wor­d­Press (as a start) is free of char­ge and just requi­res a MyS­QL data­ba­se in the back­ground. An alter­na­ti­ve solu­ti­on are the free, “rea­dy-to-run” blog­ging ser­vices like or as used by many other blog­gers throughout the world. Ano­t­her advan­ta­ge is that you can easi­ly switch the web­site’s lay­out by using (style) tem­pla­tes (again, free) or even adjust it to look like a news­pa­per (ins­tead of a dia­ry). This, I think, is easier to main­tain and bet­ter than any pure con­tent manage­ment sys­tem (cms) that other­wi­se requi­res lots of adjus­t­ments and tech­ni­cooool know­ledge. Hope this helps! :-)

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