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dim ruuuls:

  • Post six weird facts/habits about yourself. The­se can­not be used against you later on.
  • At the bot­tom name the six peop­le you will tag next.
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1. When com­mu­ni­ca­ting with other Exil­ke­n­ya­ners, I make fre­quent use of words like “ate­re­re.…., oh? i see…, kwe­li?, sasa?, aca!, wher­eby, sup­po­sed to, par­ti­cu­laaaar” etc. and auto­ma­ti­carr­ry adjust my pro­nou­ciaaaa­ti­on in a way that I say simp­poooooolll (ins­tead of simp­le) or prro­barr­ry (pro­bab­ly).
You got to show peee­pooooll whe­re you’­ve grown up.

2. I LOVE repai­ring stuff. The best thing I’ve ever repai­red were diving gog­gles whe­re the rub­ber bro­ke — and I’d mana­ged to fix it by using some thin fishing line and a cheap need­le. As far as I am infor­med, tho­se gog­gles are still in use (ama, Mathias?).
I know this is a com­mon habit among other geeks, and I part­ly bla­me it on Mac­Gy­ver & Co…

3. As a geek-gro­wing-up, I used to be very inte­res­ted in ama­teur radio and have been a mem­ber of The Ama­teur Radio Socie­ty of Kenya (ARSK) and the Deut­sche Ama­teur Radio Club (DARC). I never mana­ged to obtain a licence for a call-sign though as the inter­net with its various other tech­no­lo­gi­cal chal­len­ges came in bet­ween. May­be later…
The only licence I mana­ged to get was a fire­arms licence for a sim­pooool air rif­le way back in Kenya from the Fire­arms Depart­ment. I’ve never seen a Ken­y­an office THAT well orga­ni­zed. Kudos to tho­se guys!

Howe­ver, I would never again spend money on wea­pons. Except for my Lea­ther­man Wave, of course :-)

4. The first CD I bought in my life was INXS “Wel­co­me To Whe­re­ver You Are”, released in 1993. The first record was a sin­gle by OPUS “Life is Life”, some­time in 1986 or so. Ngo­ma ni mai­sha! (=> lis­tening to music AND making my own music!)

5. I keep a dia­ry in form of sketch­books. Some­thing that has been inspi­red by the late Dan Eldon. After going through various boxes of sou­ve­nirs from all the pla­ces I’ve been to and nice let­ters I’ve recei­ved in the past, I figu­red Dan’s way to be the most per­fect solu­ti­on to arran­ge all this stuff. All vir­tu­al stuff that I want to share with the world goes into my blog, the rest into my sketchbooks.

6. I bought this the­se books in Kenya to scratch Rrru­cy’s back polish up my (non-exis­tent) know­ledge of the Gikuyu language:

And this one to take me the­re.… (know­led­gii muuiiiuuruuuu)
(~ now you know what the Zun­gu in Mzun­gu stands for! :-)

Next vic­tims of the tag­ging bia­s­ha­ra shall be Anja, Ced­ric, Ste­ve, Adri­an, Wam­bui , Astrid, Cari­na, Edith, Chris­toph and Kui! :-)