videre 2.0

Bibi TFT even­tual­ly arri­ved and has sent Mama CRT into aaaarr­ry (ear­ly) retirement :-)

vide­re 1.0
(left) Ger­i­com CT1997PF 19″ CRT, 130 Watts power con­sump­ti­on (!), 5w/5w stand­by­/ac­ti­ve-off, 20.2kgs, real­ly BIG, too dark for image edi­t­ing (even with Gam­ma cor­rec­tions, etc.), TCO’99…

vide­re 2.0

Yaku­mo 17 XPT 17″ TFT, 8ms, 500:1 con­trast, spea­kers (lol), 4.0 kgs, 48w, 2w/2w stand­by­/ac­ti­ve-off, 3 years pick-up gua­ran­tee, TCO’03, EUR 139,- .…

And the most important rea­son for the chan­ge: my EYES! What a bles­sing now.…

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