Adopt-a-toilet business idea for Kenya

What do you do in a country where public toilets are rare, ppl in love with soccer & men just oversized kids?
Right. Fun, anyone?
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Author: jke

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6 thoughts on “Adopt-a-toilet business idea for Kenya”

  1. Great idea! There’d be more public toilets available and the sponsoring businesses would be maintaining them and getting publicity or something out of it. Why not?

  2. Someone who I had a debate on public toilets with in January pointed me to this post.
    I once met a guy from a firm met Alika Designs who specialise in rehabilitation of public toilets. I thought it was a great concept, you know getting a working solution to sanitation without the lethargic process of sourcing for donor funds. Achieving sustainable development through private/ public cooperation to give the citizens affordable solutions. There is actually a toilet cleaners association of kenya.

    At least a private project- subsidised by the city council and say ‘adopted’ by corporates is a great concept. That is what I would advocate for.

  3. Jke” Ha !ha! LOLLLLLLL!!! That is so freakin funny ROFL… but looking at the “Choo” Yep ,that translates just that! “Fanyan ya Kwanza unapata ya mbili bure!!” What a Slogan!

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