15 thoughts on “wapi? (part4)”

  1. I have no clue, could be somwhere in Ngong Hills, since you’ve been to Olepolos. But I can’t remember that rock. Really great shot – I’d love to roll the rock down that hill with some large jacks, if that house weren’t there…

  2. @mzee Cedric: That sounds like some Extreme Sports out of Africa!
    I have an idea but do not want to be a “spoiler” so I shall leave others to guess..

  3. I would say Nyanza around the Kisumu Rural region, most probably the Kombewa area.

    Very nice pics on your blog JKE, I’m impressed by your articles & accompanyying photos. Great work!

  4. I will go with Mzee Cedric it looks like ngong hills – only because I was there last Easter and the landscape was awesome.
    Other than that – hmm no clue

  5. Me thinks I know where this is . . . If I am not wrong, its the Nairobi Embu road at a point just after Mwea . . .

    – Steve

  6. Everyone – THX!

    Actually, I don’t know what this rock is called, but it of course is on that road between Thika & Embu, so, yes, Steve & Irene…

    @Shiroh – YEAH!

    @Guess – About time we take u back to the Mamaland and in shaggz so u know where u’r from even if it’s only .75 ;-P

    @Akiey – THX, I will try to post more images asap my new TFT arrives (which is supposed to make image editing a bit easier as my old CRT is just too dark…)

  7. @Kiku: Yep that is somewhere between Sagana and Embu .Trust me when you are riding in car with music of John Denver or one of those country music that kyuk loooove so much then you have to deviate your attention to something interesting hence I have a very photographic memory since childhood. I know that Karatina -Embu route like the back of my hand.J’vais attention’!LOL….

  8. aki woiyee i missed this one. (hebu i put u on my rss reader mara one)

    i meant to comment on yr kenya trip where u had pics of kenchic…yani my stomache made grumbling noises as if on que. I swear! :)

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