12 thoughts on “balcony with a view…”

  1. Wow!!

    Where is this JKE? That is quite a view!!!!

    Did you doctor the picture in Photoshop or is this the real thing?


  2. Isn’t it? The moment I saw it, I fell in love with it. No alteration via Photoshop & Co. – this is our Kenya! :-)

    Mzeecedric’s parents live there (south of Nairobi National Park) and I’ve put it here to make him consider moving to NBO some time soon…

    I really envy them for this view. Imagine you are sitting there on your balcony and watching tourists in their white vans being shown around in the Park…

  3. JKE! Asante for that cool shot. Welcome in my home! I whish I could be there. Instead I was at work all day, 12hrs today. Its actually been rainig all day :-( – so no good view at all over here.

  4. Nice view, I didn’t know THE mzee Cedric has actually lived in Kenya too. Does he speak Kikuyu , Swahili too.? Just asking :-)

  5. *g*, irena, ati – kikuyu? not really, just kidogo, some aterere, mwega & mono. Swahili – sadly also only little swahili – well and I have no idea about spelling…

  6. @MzeeCedric: :-) Ahhh Kiku needs to teach you some more kikuyu’s or Swahili whichever is easier on the tongue LOL… N’way a little is better than nothing.

  7. Hey I am trying to find lessons in Kikuyu as I recently married a kikuyu lady from Nyeri and want to show respect to her and family. Also I know she misses her home tounge now in UK

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