Luffa cylindrica

Inspired by Banzungu Buck‘s comment on my previous entry (on this ICRAF publication), I would like to ask my readers to please comment on the following question: What’s your local name for these Luffa vines?


(all pictures courtesy of Karlheinz Knoch – thx!)

I bought a few, still fresh (~unprepared) luffa sponges in Machakos, Kenya one day and planted the contained seeds in my shamba next to a Hibiscus plant. The Luffa grew fast and produced about 7 really fat sponges/cucumbers, which I later on dried up and bathed in OMO (I understand ppl use JIK to bleach them). So, although these vines are grown in Kenya, I was trying hard to get a local name for it. Someone told me what they are called in Kikamba, but I forgot… anyone? THX!

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