the scientific dilemma?

Speaking of “bridging the gap”, I am currently compiling a small paper on the recovery/recyling of nutrients in municipal and industrial waste water – and while searching the internet and other resources for useful information, I often come across huge websites by universities or companies that apparently haven’t really understood the meaning of “applied sciences”.

While I understand that there might be a need to document the modus operandi in order to obtain proper funding, the world – my dear scientists – does not benefit by many of these little papers and documentations, base and feasibility studies as well as assesment reports that apparently have no other meaning than to reconfirm your R&D needs and so often end up in a drawer somewhere.

Instead, what I would like to see realized, is the actual implementation of much more practical work – something that we – the consumers – can work with. As a good example, let me mention this website I found today on a team of two scientists that diligently described on their website how they are going to “search the internet for publications” on a certain subject and compile reports out of these trouvailles

Hello? Why don’t u guys just sit down, check out free webspace on the internet, download a free and open Wiki or CMS software, install that on your website and put that information right in there? I mean, it isn’t THAT difficult!

Argh….this scientific approach so often bugs me big times. And although I sort of feel them on their documentation needs, I would like to see more interactive information being published – something that takes us from A to B – and NOT just this kind of one-way-information.


Author: jke

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