There are about 74 copies of this very same, small but ultimate viral/commercial for Berlitz language school on YouTube, and although some of you might already know it, I just HAVE to blog it FIY. Or, as we say in our language: Mai diaarr inglish spiiking frainds, juu will äpprischiäit zhät wii häff sucksessfullii expätriäted zhe wörst naightmäire of Göörman Inglisch* spiikers of wörld-waid fäime: Mister Lothar “Loddar” Matthäus, hu bai zhe wäii riicentli kwit his dschjob äs träiner of Atlético Paranaense in Brasilien Brasilia…

“Wot are u thinking about?”^^

AOB: visitors and viewers of the upcoming world cup should be aware that Korean car manufacturer Hyundai rented 36 busses from Mercedes (Daimler Chrysler) and donated them to His Worship His Emperor Franz Beckenbauer today for use with the world cup. That is, the busses are made by Mercedes but covered with Hyundai stickers.
Hello??! That’s like sooooo 1980s, sooo russian mafia in cheap Armani/Vercace suits, soooo…[put your analogy here]. And yes, there WILL BE ppl calling Mercedes, asking them since when they had been taken over by Hyundai. Rememeber D.T.Dobie in Nairobi who sell Nissan/Datsun along with Mercedes? Some ppl think it’s one owner…
(Or in other words: Dear Hyundai, in case you are trying to lift your overall image, please provide us customers with affordable, eco-efficient and well manufactured cars. You might NOT achieve higher sales by an image campaign only…or does it implicate that Hyundai cars, trucks and busses also come with the same electrical problems as seen on Mercedes cars in the past? ;-)

* = While you’re on that Bet&Win website, choose your language, click on “the movies” and select the one with Zbigniew Boniek on “Football Individual/Teamsport”. I know it’s cheap to make fun of others, but – frankly said: I had to switch channels while watching this commercial on tv…just toooooo embarassing to hear our German stars – who did a good job! – speaking their Gamaan Inglischiii… SAMAHANI :-)

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3 thoughts on “Gaamaaaaaan!”

  1. Haiya that Gaaaman guy voice “wat r u tinking abot” resembles my S. friend Tom from Haaaamburg LOLS ROFL…..

  2. Magic moment in sports…”ealia am suprise,am siting , sree or four awas infront of the telefision washing tennis game but I had anoser apointment I cannot do anysing, I cannot go anywhea. Everyone bet their live, that I kanot do it again I say lisen guys am goin to chow U I’ am a tennis guy:-) LOLS.
    I guess not only Kenyans or kikuyu’s are teribooolll in pronounciations.LOL

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