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Last evening, I saw a documentary on tv that portrayed Germans whose fathers had been British soldiers stationed in Germany right after the end of WWII. One of these ex-soldiers – now living in a nursing home in Canada – has children from romances all over the world who regularly visit him. “Being loved by all my children and knowing that they take care of me”, he said, “is what’s worth living for”. True.

Now, I don’t have children yet – and I hope there aren’t too many women out there whose hearts I’ve broken in the past.
What I do have, though, are really good friends – people from different corners of the world who have a very big heart and whose friendship and love I really appreciate.

One of those close friends decided to order a CREATIVE ZEN VISION:M from Amazon and have it send to me. JUST LIKE THAT! It isn’t my Bday or anything like that. Ok, maybe because of Easter, but the point is: the person told me: “You might want this for use on your journeys…”. Hola!


This Creative Zen Vision:M is a mobile audio/video player (like an Ipod Video) with 30 GB of hard disk space and battery runtime of up to 11hrs. It plays audio files such as mp3s, videos such as AVIs, shows photos, has a built-in FM radio, a microphone and extras like a calendar or a contact & tasks manager for synchronization with my computer. And the best part: it connects to the computer like an external harddrive, so I won’t have to search for another external hdd solution.

Apart from the fact that the person who has given this to me isn’t too rich to give “just like that”, I am having problems accepting this as a present. It is so nice and such a joy to give to others – but it is very hard to accept such blessings in the same way. While I am very grateful for the honour given me through this gift, I think the easiest way to accept it is by sharing it. So, my dear friend – i know you’re reading this – thengiu muno for this lovely joy and rest assured: I’ll use it now and give it to you later on this year. Sawa? :-)

Author: jke

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8 thoughts on “the acceptance”

  1. Kool gadgetimoja to add to your collection.That is a cool friend you have there Jke. Friendship and love are the greatest gifts in life. Enjoy the Zen Vision in Kenya and lets us know more how it worked for you.

  2. Thx! I am afraid it does not work under Linux or anything else but WinXP except maybe for the external hdd functionality – which is a sep. partition on that 30 GB HDD but not the space where my mp3s are saved. Check this review

  3. Oh thx, I will. In fact I have all my music stored on my computer’s hdds as well as on an external 250 GB HDD. Right now I am just copying some selected tunes to that player to see how it works. But what really freaks me is that it always requires some additional software (~drivers for WinXP only) to upload files to the player. Hmm. What happened to your player / your data?

  4. Right now I am making due with the Phillips HDD 120 which is not all that and has loads of bugs but it is bulky (for me a plus coz I am careless) and unlike the i-pod is not monogamus so I can use it on loads of other comps to download music.But I do plan to upgrade soon and tha zen looks like a great bet.Enjoy it!

  5. Well, lets just say that the customer service people at Creative Zen… SUCK!.. Ok! Thats just anger talking…. but yeah… they did not help my case so I had to start from scratch… and download ALL the music all over again…. I am still peeved about it……

  6. Ohhh, pole. Downloading all that stuff sucks. I just realized that I’d have to re-edit the ID3 tags of my music collection (argh!). Acolyte, ati bwana, that monogamity sure is a point for me as well – this Creative ZEN Vision:M so far ONLY works on WinXP and only with prior software installation. Not too smart….

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