Sorry, but I just HAVE to publish this comment someone left on the contacts form on my “about” page:

“This is the first time that I’ve checked out your blog and i swear I have often dismissed your blog because all along I’ve been thinking that this must be one of those tribal blogs. Ignorance has costed me because I think your sketchbook is ok. But honestly you sound like a kiuk……”

To be honest, I think I would do the same if someone comes and calls himself Bavarian1 or HamburgerEins. Kikuyumoja® – such a dumb name if you see it under a Kenyan context, but I’ll to stick to it nevertheless (not necessarily in Kenya though – yani, for you gals ‘n’ guys, I am just JKE which is btw an abbreviation of my name :-)
(topsyturvication…what a word! LOL)

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

5 thoughts on “topsyturvication”

  1. oh dear, those “tribal blogs.” I wonder if Gukira scares away people due to its “tribal name.”

    Quite funny.

    I’d think the German would scare away people more often.

  2. ROFL * Wiping laughter tears* ha!ha! ati tribal blog tztztz..Okay back to seriousness of the matter, yeah I can see why you pass for Kiuk Lol. That is why Jim Carrey said in one of his silly comic movies “Assumption is the mother of all Fuck ups” :-)) lol.

  3. Now that’s a funny story. I’m with Keguro on the scary German (food?) names, though. For some reason, names like HamburgerOne and FrankfurterTwoMillion have a rather ominous ring to them…

    Do have a good one.

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