I had a good laugh today while watching Firewall, a movie starring Harrison Ford as a bank’s security chief. There’s this scene where he’s out in the desert and uses a normal laptop to traceroute the GPS signal of his dog’s collar (who’s transported in a Van).

1. So MAYBE the GSM transmitter on the collar is strong enough to brake out of that Van (remember Faraday?), but there sure aren’t any base stations tuned to that signal out in the desert….or are there?
2. he uses this laptop which seems to have a WLAN connection to the net. Yeah, fo shizzle – oh c’mon Hollywood, who believes such crap? Are there any open WLANetworks out in the desert? Ati, mobile phone networks? ROFL!

==> 4 / 10 on from me. I am waiting for more realistic entertainment….that is, since you already try to make realistic movies filled with tech-stuff, make it more plausible. There might be viewers who are not that simple-minded…

(this gps+gsm collar sure is the hottest technology portrayed in the movie – they also use this very same technology in Kenya to traceroute elephants & co. ==> I love it when high-tech works! :-)

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2 thoughts on “Goofy”

  1. he! he! funny but Inside Man has realistic tech stuff like the “toy guns” holding a bank in Manhattan:-) and the infra red light blinding the video camera in the bank

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