Am I a geek? A “multitool-pouch-geek” maybe ;-)

You see, I like carrying my Leatherman Wave around with me, and have ever since been looking for an alternative sheath / pouch / holster that could accomodate a bigger multitool, a small AAA maglite® as well as some extra tools, like the flat bit set which comes along with the Leatherman Wave series. This is what my collection of sheath looked like before – with the content that needs to fit in:


The downside with all of these sheaths is that they do not provide enough space for fitting all these items (Leatherman, torch, bit set) at the same time, and even if you manage to do so nevertheless (like that black leather sheath which is supposed to be big enough), the result is a baggy conglomerate of stuff on your belt – which makes you look like a nerd. I am not a nerd, I am a geek. Geeks are cool, good looking nerds. Hehe… :-)
The solution is to make your own sheath – like the one I’ve made a few months ago out of green canvas (from Kenya) and blue brocade. It being my first try on making sheaths, I didn’t make it strong enough and so it became rather baggy on the belt and didn’t have an inside pocket for the extra tools (despite looking good, but that’s just my taste on these things :-)

Now, since I wasn’t really happy with that interim solution, I figured I should check the market for a more prêt-? -porter sheath – like this Nitze Ize® Pock-Its holster:
This huge holster fits an AA maglite® as well as a Leatherman® multitool – nice, although ugly and btw wayyyyyy too big. I bought it nevertheless because I had different plans with it:


Yesterday evening, I just ripped it up and made a new sheath with an inner pocket for the bit holder:


And of course, this new pouch still looked too normal so I had to further modify it to fit into my very own Kikuism-world (I call it Kikuyumojawear® :-)

empty pouch (left) & filled with LM, torch & bit set (right)

(I’ll still need to work on that logo thing, though, as it’s still too jua kali styled :-)

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

6 thoughts on “kikufundi”

  1. Haiya Kiku, you need to take this wear to the mainstream , you know Kiku brand? Waoh na kweli your mikonos are Magical :-). How about make one for Irena for my cellphone and future MP3/ipod? Huh? Haiya I will pay for it..a customized kiku wear with some Chile colors..
    The pouch look Great!!

  2. Wow, a true fundi in our midst! I’m impressed. You know, I love all these gadgets as much as you. I have a Leatherman Crunch that I find very useful.

  3. @Irene: which Nokia was it again? Thx for the compliments :-)
    @Hash: yeah, thx, my tools. I need them so often, hence the need for a practical sheath. The only way to get a decent one is to make your own. I also like that logo branding :-)

  4. Mshairi, thx, the cam I am using is a Sanyo VPC-J1 I bought in december 2004. It has this built-in Zoom-lens, similar to the Minolta Dimage, and has good 2cm Macro – which is why I bought that cam instead of a Canon or Casio back then. Perfect close-ups for Ebay, think of pic of jewellery, etc.. It only has 3.2 megapixels but that’s still ok for my needs + it has a 30fps movie function, meaning: you can even shoot videos with it and use it as a webcam. Nice!. I paid ~249,- EUR two years ago (Canon & Casio both @ 300,- EUR for same quality).
    Sanyo produces 30% of the digicam world market, but most of them OEM, so there’s no Sanyo label on them.

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