Googleardhi, part 5

Having blogged about Google Earth before here, here, here and here, there’s something new to add, something we’ve all been waiting for: new maps!
I don’t know if all these maps are THAT new – but they are more detailed at least.
I read a story on a german IT website about GoogleEarth doing this for Germany, and so I thought I better check Kenya as well. Et voilà, our new Nairobi map:
Cool! (dito Eldoret Airport, Kisumu, Mombasa Airport (MIA), etc. :-))

As for Germany, some maps improved, some were edited or even worsened while others are just horribly detailed.

That red object is my ‘89 VW Golf II in front of the house….go figure…


Author: jke

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4 thoughts on “Googleardhi, part 5”

  1. P.S I was giggling foolishly when I spotted Nyayo Stadium and Kenya Rirui (railway):-) Ha!ha!Nway Google Earth is great and one can just get lost in it ..fascinating.

  2. Asi, it’s wonderful. Unfortunately Masii isn’T there, didn’t expect it, coz same to Masaku. But I already walked the streets of Nairobi and I checked my parents house and the hostel in Münster. Thanks to you JKE I’ll not finish my paper in time. You better apologize to my prof. Surely, addiction is the right word.

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