…so I spent the best part of the day trying to configure a new (great!) theme for my wp-powered blog, lakini there’s no real good template/theme out there which works the way I want it unless I invest a few more hours of stylesheet tuning. Curiosity of course lures me into this theme-switching-business, alafu there might be some changes to this site soon.

In the meantime, let me please entertain you with some more music – this time something from the 1970s Kenya I’ve mentioned earlier: Matata "talkin talkin" (with Steele Beauttah). An almost brutal song on which Pitchfork says: "Sweet mother popcorn, funk does not get any grittier than this. The bass and drums are tough as rawhide and the lead vocal is a dirty, filthy, nasty delight. The thousand-watt horns blare so brightly you can feel the air passing over the curved brass. Kenya only produced a few notable funk bands in the 70s, but Matata were truly world-class."

Remember, this is from Kenya! Enjoy :-)

Matata – talkin’ talkin’

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