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Various hits from today (thx, afroM!), which included a very nice audio stream of an Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté performance via (the feed of) "Imagens de África", made me realize that I also still have some bootleg recordings of an Ali Farka Touré live performace I downloaded some years ago with the (now defunct?) ethnobeat yahoo group (thx, Araceli).

Now, since Poxi Presha would definitely hate me for publishing anything copyrighted (yes, Bwana PP, we appreciate your battle and you’re not yet forgotten!), and since the music is (fortunately) available for purchase as well as streamable via The Hype Machine (Toure, Touré), let me please link to these live recordings FIY only.

Ali Farka Touré – Live1
Ali Farka Touré – Live2
Ali Farka Touré – Live3

Yani, I don’t know what YOU do when there’s Blues music around, but let me tell you: the first thing I did this morning was to grab my guitar and (trying to :-) play along with AFT & BT.
Again, le monde est fait pour qu’on s’aime. How true…

n.b.: …listening to these live recordings and the almost hypnotising "reiteration" of tunes, I am reminded of a great concert two years ago  with Abaji (Lebanon) and Boubacar Traoré (Mali) playing together. Unfortunately, we will never be able to hear Ali Farka Touré playing together with…well…the Dagar Brothers?

UPDATE: Alastair Johnston of has just published his obituary of Ali Farka Touré. Please don’t miss this…

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3 thoughts on “more on AFT…”

  1. Haiya Mshairi kumbe his name is Kamau … …:-) . Now I’m getting interested in Ali Farka.. I got to admit I didn’t know much about him before…thxs for sharing Jke:-)

  2. Kamau (rolls about laughing – it the shoe fits eh?) After listening to some of that from MentalAcrobatic’s Podcast today, I am going digging – and if any one of you has any copies, bootlegs, would wanna lend or give away any – I will shamefully take.

    Enjoy the weekend JKE – *catch* – *Throws a Tusker at you on the way out*

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