bluu jino

I bought this Bluetooth USB dongle earlier this week, plugged it in this morning, installed the software and went online – via mobile. IT WORKS! IT ACTUALLY WORKS! Can you imagine?

No need for any dumb Nokia modem drivers, no huge software packages that need to be run on autostart, no buggy user interfaces – this little stick just works the way it is supposed to be working. Technology that makes me smile again :-)

Hat tip to my ndugu Mzeecedric for pointing me to the updated wp-shortstat plugin as well as to SlimStat – on which I’ll need to have a closer look once I’ve decided on my next wp-theme/template: Regulus 2, Fauna Beta 3, Sirius 1.0 or K2 Beta Two? The latter one comes with an awesome AJAX-powered live search among other goodies. I especially like K2, but understand that it will be difficult to implement my neat (Tusker-styled) Flickr-badge. Stay tuned!
Haraka haraka, haina baraka :-)

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