International Women’s Day

…is an important occasion around the world to remind everyone of the following facts:

  • About 25,000 brides are burned to death each year in India because of insufficient dowries. The groom’s family will set the bride on fire, presenting it as an accident or suicide. The groom is then free to remarry.
  • In a number of countries, women who have been raped are sometimes killed by their own families to preserve the family’s honor. Honor killings have been reported in Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and other Persian Gulf countries.
  • According to the World Health Organization, 85 million to 115 million girls and women have undergone some form of female genital mutilation. Today, this practice is carried out in 28 African countries, despite the fact that it is outlawed in a number of these nations.
  • Rape as a weapon of war has been used in Chiapas, Mexico, Rwanda, Kuwait, Haiti, Colombia, Yugoslavia, Darfur and elsewhere.
  • ……(the list goes on and on)…

All of this happening on the same globe we’re all living on.

AOB: Bembeya Jazz National – mami wata :-)

Author: jke

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7 thoughts on “International Women’s Day”

  1. Isn’t it a shame that women all over the world are still subjected to this ill treatment. When will it end I wonder ?oh you forgot rape in Darfur as well. God save women of the world. Thanks JKE for recognizing Women’s day. Remember to call your mum :-).

    I like that ngoma feature by the way :-)

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