WAP 2.0

Remember the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) for use with mobile phones (a.k.a "wait and pay")? I think I got my first wap-enabled phone – a Nokia 7110 – in the summer of 2000. This **** never really worked though, and besides, since the killer application was missing on the german market (except for MMS, which is based on WAP), I never really used it. Okay, maybe a few times, but that’s about it.*

The irony? After more than 5 years, I eventually found a way to make my humble blog accessible via WAP browsers using this neat plug-in.
Contrary to today’s modern XHTML browsers like the one in my Nokia 6230 (that displays the website just like a browser on your computer – including all the images and thus taking even more ages to load…and load…and load), the rather old-fashioned WAP browser based on WML is much faster. Images aren’t included and you get to see the written content only. Nice!

To access Kikuyumoja’s Realm via mobile phones, just point your mobile phone’s wap browser to the following URL:


Actually, it is supposed to be http://wap.uhuru.de for more convenience –  but this constellation of a subdomain forwarding to a specific php file somehow doesn’t seem to work the way I want it…aaarrghh! That is, the 1.2 WAP browser on my old Nokia 6310 doesn’t like it – this whole thing only works with WAP 2.0 browsers – which are capable of interpreting XHTML so except for the slimmer pages, nothing is gained…. ‘nways, you get the picture. Who’d be accessing my blog via WAP anyways, eh?

Once again, fascinating technology which could be so damn >tight< IF only we could have an affordable flatrate for surfing via WAP + content is interesting enough.
That Wapedia link* – Wikipedia via WAP – sure is.

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