Au revoir, AFT

"For some people, when you say ‘Timbuktu,’ it is like the end of the world, but that is not true. I am from Timbuktu, and I can tell you we are right at the heart of the world." – Ali Farka Touré

Mama Mshairimoja informed me this morning that Ali Farka Touré, the finest and most spiritual (blues) guitarist & singer from West Africa, died on March 7th, 2006.

He may no longer be among the living, but his music keeps on staying alive and warms my heart with happiness and contentment.
Could there be any better legacy?

Thank you, and have a nice journey.

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8 thoughts on “Au revoir, AFT”

  1. JKE, this is lovely and fitting tribute and thanks for posting it. I couldnt believe it when I heard. I knew Ali was battling cancer but I also knew he was fighting hard and was very strong thus the shock when I heard he had died.

    This incredible person has done so much to promote the music of Mali and African music in general. He was lovely, warm, extremely intelligent and knowledgble and also charismatic. When he smiled at you, you felt like the sun was shining that much brighter. Like you, his music inspires my heart with happiness and contentment. I always used to almost skip back after attending any of his concerts. His music woul inspire great joy and a lightness of heart.

    Thanks for posting this, JKE, for sharing and for saying what I was unable

    Rest in peace, Ali Farka Toure.

  2. Lovely tribute, thank you,

    Rest in peace Ali Farka Toure.

    (I was just looking at the post i did many moons ago about his music…you know how some people are called ‘institutions’ i think we just lost a great great institution)

  3. Yes, he was certainly a special presence. I really liked the fact that he retired back to his hometown, instead of in a giant villa in the south of France or somewhere. And those videos the Malian TV used to show! Riveting!!

  4. The Malian president was about to present Ali Farka Toure this week with the Grammy award that he won. AFT talked about the blues being a brand of soap that was sold in the market as all the music originated from Africa. Rest in Peace AFT

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