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Eehh…I’ve been tagged by Irena, so here ya’ go:

1. Favourite Kenyan Food

– Mandaazi with Cardamon
– Githeri

2. Favourite Kenyan Drink

– Stoney / Tangawizi (Kenyan?)
– Tusker (of course)

3. Favourite Kenyan TV Programme

Those charming ladies over at KBC are just perfect :-)

4. Top 3 Kenyan Hangouts

Any kantini with reasonable prices, nyama choma, cold beer and good music.  Think global, drink local. And when I say ANY, i mean ANY! The whole range…though….I think I feel more comfortable with those joints that are somewhere deep down in a kijiji. I hate those spoiled places in Westlands & downtown where you only find Children of the BlueBandGeneration showing off…

5. Top Holiday Kenyan Destination

– Takawiri Island
– alone/with friends on Safari somewhere
– Coast: Tiwi Beach

6. 3 Kenyan phrases you use a lot (ati, nini, nani and bilaz DO NOT count)!
– aterere…
– eeehh…
– ama?…

7. Three things about Kenya/Kenyans that make you go ‘hmmm’

– many ppl are waiting for something to happen, ignoring the fact that they themselves have to start first.
– the "learn & repeat" educational system that offers no chances for creative students (remember this guy from Western Kenya who wanted to build his own "aeroplani"? Crazy dude, but brilliant thinking. I like that).
– class thinking: "I am a driver, I do not work in the kitchen or the garden." Irene says that’s the Colonial heritage….

8. Three things non-Kenyans say about Kenya/Kenyans that make you go ‘hmmm’

– why are there so many ppl on the streets?
– why do Kenyan men hold hands when they like each other? are they gay or somethin’?
– what’s that small footpath next to any street? don’t they have sidewalks?

9. Three things about Kenya/Kenyans which non-Kenyans ought to know

– Kenya is a beautiful country with very intelligent, capable, interested and friendly people.
– Kenya is more than what tourists get to see like the National Parks, the Coast, etc. It’s the whole picture with all those happy people that might suffer from something but still have the inner happiness  to enjoy life the way it comes.
– the history of the country / area did not start with colonial rule…

10. Complete this sentence: I am Kenyan because……

…because it is part of my world – Kiku’s realm. :-)

And finally – list 3 members (of the Kenyan Blog Ring) you would like to see complete this quiz


(since Lady Mbuzimoja doesn’t have her own blog as of yet, I am expecting her answer in the comments section OR alternatively  as a  private email….honey, now you’re in for it :-)

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6 thoughts on “tagged by irena…”

  1. First off, honored to be here numero uno. Only if Irene or some person else aint sneaking up on me already!

    Now, the combination of ur fav food is queit something, ndaoz n githeri that’s just outright funny! I love mandazi but I’m not a githeri fan. Blame it on boarding school life i bet.

    The drink stoney was off n tusker i relate from a different angle, though. I’ve always drunk my tusker via stew. Tusker thickens stew for real! Hheheheh ask Irene LoL!

    Oh no you didn’t ,what charming ladies at KBC??LOL that I don’t know hehhehe

    Feel your top kenyan destinations. Doesn’t kenya just do it for a holiday on the real?

    I gots to say I love you daily phrases. I shall hence forth force to use them shamelessly hehehhe j/k :)

    Totally agree with you on things that make you go hmmm/that non-kenyans say that make you go mmmm/that non-kenyans oughtta know! This was a great read :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Juergen: First of, thanks for tagging along and giving us more of the reason why we are going to adopt you as Kenyan and kikuyu man of the people:-).Okay I actually forgot about the Stoney drink, mama mia that sour /sweet taste and the tangawizi smoothly going down the throat ,priceless not to mention the mandazi and chai ya tangawizi:-).

    “why do Kenyan men hold hands when they like each other? are they gay or somethin’?” Great thing about that is Kenyans do not over analyze such things. Just like it is okay for your buddy to hang with your chic or guy and nothing really is going on.

    Great JKE!!!!

  3. we, Kikuyu, you really want me to fill out this? well, ok, i think i gotta do so. I’m working on zungu.NET and hope to launch the stuff there soon. The domain ist being switched to hosteurope right now… so bear with me. Stoney? Once in a while a bring a bottle along and give it to some friends over here, just to see their reactions. But I must admit I don’t really like that stuff. Someone in the office in NBO drunk Stoney only as medicine if he had a sore throat. ;-)

  4. Aiiii! I’ve been tagged with this thingie. Okay, I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

    MzeeCedric, what’s going on at zungu.net? Is that what you’re switching your blog address to?

  5. Kiku, did you ever find the Takawiri Island webpage? Great destination, definitely one of the best sundowners I ever had, and great fishing.
    I’d prefer Malindi to Tiwi though…

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