my old CASIO fx-85v calculator

Isn’t it ironic?
Just when my studies are coming to an end and most arithmetic exams already written, I eventually realized today that I could actually go and substitute my beloved and almost rotten CASIO fx-85v calculator with a new one. Mind you – I’ve already reserved a few stickers for the cover of any new calculator – so this flag & car stuff will remain (Kiku’s style :-).
I think I got this one in 1992, and according to what other people use, this machinimoja here is old kabisa. SO OLD! The keys have a very soft, almost spongy pressure point, there’s no 2nd DOT display to double-check the last entry and some functions are missing.

Being a bit perfectionist on all buy-technology-matters, there’s this gap between the decision to buy a new calculator and the actual decision on which model it should be. I think I will go for this CASIO FX991MS CASIO FX-991ES scientific calculator, however, I just can’t decide…
Any recommendations? Thx!


my new CASIO fx-991ES calculator

The difference between Mama fx-85v and Kijana fx-991ES is like driving my old Tembomoja compared to a 2006 Lexus GS. Both will get you from A to B, but using the new one is just much more convenient.

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21 thoughts on “Kashionimoja”

  1. LOL, mine gave up work at the end of my studies. I also thought about getting a real good one. But today I’m quite happy that I went for one of the cheapest (some 18 EUR?), since I’ve never touched the machine ever since…

  2. That Casio is identical to the one I used for my KCSE in 1991….. . Pole these days I use Canon P100-DH 11..he !he! for all the reimbursement receipts … Depends on what you want the calculator for since as you say, your studies are coming to an end..

  3. LOL @ that CANON P100-DH – uhhiii, Irena, that’s a BIG one :-)

    I guess that Casio FX991ES will do – yani, it has some 403 functions + natural textbook display, meaning: you enter data the natural way. Now let me see if an old man like me can learn how to use this thingimoja… ^^

  4. i used a Texas Instruments TI-30Xa in school. but i wasn’t a genius especially not in maths. by the way maybe it was all the calculators fault. after school i never used it again, i guess it’s with my bro now. i am using my fingers and it’s working quite okay.

  5. hm, I thought I left a comment here this afternoon!? What happend? Did I close my browserwindow before submitting it? Seems I am a bit muddle-headed sometimes.

  6. what I wanted to say was, LOL (haha), my old casio gave up shortly before the end of my graduation. I’m glad that I decided to get a cheap one (some 18 EUR or so), since I never touched that thing since then…

    – so here you are, my comment!

  7. @Mshairi, ni moja na ile, both pics = same calc!
    @Mwende: seems like there’s this gap between TI and Casio users. And yes, it IS the calculators fault. THAT’s the reason why I wanted to go for a new one. :-) During Abitur (a-levels) exams 10 years ago, our teacher told me not to try any engineering studies. Right now I am waiting for my diploma so I can send him a copy of it and tell him how wrong he was (at least, a helpful incentive). Maths is horribooool…
    @Mzeecedric: what do you consider cheap? the one I would like to buy goes for ~20,- EUR as well…

    Hey, thx everyone for commenting. I ordered this CASIO FX991ES today and now let’s see if it is THAT good! :-)

  8. I am still using the same one as you bro’, although I have to hold it in the right angle to see the digits. …
    Is it still the old Ford Mustang picture? I like the new model, they don’t sell it in Germany yet, but its way cheaper here anyway (and taxes, insurance and gas would be unaffordable). I would prefer the convertible, which is totally “prollig”;-)

  9. YEAH – that’s still the old Mustang pic in my old calc. – great car, ama? Ati, your display is broken? Me I can fix! Just open it and clean the dry contacts (the contact rubber or foil, whatever is used on it) using a Q-tip and maybe some isopropyl alcohol – dito under the keypad. Maybe also new batteries…

  10. Due to the fact I still (even in 7th semester) am one loser concerning mathematics I once spent 200 bucks or sth on THE MACHINE. TI Voyage 200. Looks kinda weird, but I don’t care. It absolutely was and is worth the money I spent on it. Without that pieca chip I won’t have it done til now. Sounds lousy, doesn’t it…

  11. Nah, not in all… But in the most necessary ones it was. Most of the profs don’t know this machine and so they didn’t forbid in advance. And once sitting in exams room and having started, they can’t change it anyway. The point is not only its math.abilities. As u can see, there’s an qwert-keyboard with it and there’s a software to transmit .txt files from pc -> device, which contains 64k flash (extended). So it helps even more with the theory stuff : )

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