En attendant Godot, part 2

All you can eat for 500/- Kshs. (~ 5.70 EUR) @ Pizza Inn, Nairobi, Kenya. Offer valid 12-2 pm every day till February 3rd.
[Picture courtesy of Mbuzimoja].

"In order to negotiate our complex lives, Nairobi people have learned to have dual personalities. We move from one language to another, from one identity to another, navigating different worlds, some of which never meet." (Binyavanga Wainaina)

Author: jke

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4 thoughts on “En attendant Godot, part 2”

  1. All you can eat? Is there a take way incentive? How much can one eat for 2 hrs and for Ksh 500.00. About Binyavanga..not sure , he is too critical of Kenyans at times and nothing wrong with switching personalities to suite a particular mood…..:-).I’m glad we are able to speak different languages at a time, how many non- African countries can boast of such ?… ama JKE?

    P.S Who is this MbuziMoja who never says anything on her well captured images? Just asking!

  2. I used Binyavanga’s comment to explain the difference between these two worlds – shaggz & NBO. While some are struggeling for food and to survive today (be it shaggz or NBO), others are invited to have lunch for 500 bob. NBO ppl see that discrepance but there’s little they can do about it. Or can they?
    Mbuzimoja? ==> BUT DO I SAY?! :-)

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