Nordmende Globetrotter Amateur & Co.


Yesterday evening, while preparing some auctions for eBay, I took a closer look at this old Nordmende Globetrotter Amateur world receiver my father had bought in 1960something…..Uhh…selling this one on eBay would generate something like EUR 20,- and I wanted to sell it because I thought it’s broken….

Well, it isn’t. I do repair these things from time to time and somehow I must have forgotten that I had recently repaired it, that is, it just works. It works perfectly! All those DX-stations like BFBS here in Germany are easy to tune into (nice filters!!) and the best thing about this radio is that it comes with a really huge loudspeaker that produces a very clear sound. Mmmhhh….a reception like that is pure pleasure!
My 0.1-2059 MHz W-FM/N-FM/AM/LSB/USB Commtel 610 radio handscanner is nothing compared to this old, but goooooood radio!
Kudos to the radio engineers of Nordmende who designed this awesome gadgetimoja back in those days!

More geekstuff? Here you go:
Look at this old UHER 4000 Report-L magnetic tape recorder. Remember those old (german) Derrick episodes on Kenyan Television? Yep, they were using a machine like this one to record the testimonies. Old, but good! This one is almost 40 years old, but still running fine. Changed a few rubber belts and adjusted the head inside last month et voilà, hakuna shida! Spare parts? OF COURSE!

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