déj? vu

The beau­ty of living in upcoun­try, rural & remo­te (real­ly LOST) pla­ces like this kiji­ji (vil­la­ge) over here in Ger­ma­ny is that it some­ti­mes reminds of the “Place of Cold Waters”, also known as the “Green Grey City in the Sun” or just the “City of Nai­ro­bi” in Kenya.
Back in tho­se days when KBC aired boring tv shows and KTN only offe­red pho­ney Blue­Band com­mer­cials, I would go to Sarit Cent­re and bor­row one of tho­se “brand new copies” which often tur­ned out to be came­ra-copies from a cine­ma in Karachi.
I under­stand that things are a bit dif­fe­rent today and that the media coverage in Nai­ro­bi its­elf is much bet­ter. Howe­ver, having arri­ved at home with such a VHS tape back in tho­se days, eager­ly awai­t­ing two rela­xing hours of pure enter­tain­ment, some­thing very com­mon would hap­pen — some­thing, experts call “power failure”.
Kenya being the coun­try of my choice, tho­se power fail­u­res never real­ly chan­ged my mood and I often found other inte­res­ting things to do like going out and enjoy­ing a Tus­ker in Waru­ku and tal­king poli­tics with Kamau, Njo­ro­ge and Wachira.

Two days ago — after all tho­se years of won­de­ring how to do it — I even­tual­ly mana­ged to suc­ces­ful­ly con­nect my com­pu­ter with my tele­vi­sio­ni using this con­glo­me­ra­ti­on of cables and cinch, svhs & scart connectors:


Of cour­se, Mur­phy’s Law being the pre­vai­ling law of natu­re tech­no­lo­gy, things would­n’t be that easy and I also had to down­load THIS gre­at litt­le pro­gram­me to get things going with my older Nvi­dia GF3 Ti 200 video card (hey hey, NERD-con­tent gene­ra­tes blog-traf­fic! :-) and a short test with the who­le instal­la­ti­on tur­ned out to be positive.
So the­re I was: rea­dy to enjoy “Hotel Rwan­da” in JKE’s jua kali Home Enter­tain­ment Sys­tem (JKHES®)!

Five minu­tes after the movie had star­ted, my old friend by the name of “power fail­u­re” came back and swit­ched off ever­ything. For a second.
Well, I told my visi­tors some­thing like “haku­na shi­da” — and that I’d be disap­poin­ted becau­se I was expec­ting a lon­ger power failure.…
Just as said tho­se words, power went off again, stay­ed off for about 2hrs and the­re it was again: the remi­nis­cence of Nairobi.

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