SMART status bad (2)

To all of tho­se that keep on sear­ching for “S.M.A.R.T. ( Self-Moni­to­ring Ana­ly­sis and Repor­ting Tool) sta­tus bad” and land on my blog, loo­king for ans­wers on what your hard disk dri­ve (HDD) actual­ly tri­es to tell you with this mes­sa­ge — let me just men­ti­on this:

When my 160 GB Sam­sung SP1614N HDD came up with that mes­sa­ge some time ago, I did a lon­ger sur­face scan using Sam­sungs HDD tool / Dia­gnostic Pro­gram (as requi­red by Sam­sungs RMA service/Warranty) which said that the HDD has bad sec­tors. I then prin­ted the log file on paper, made a copy of the rece­i­pt and retur­ned the HDD tog­e­ther with tho­se papers to the dea­ler whe­re I bought it. After about 4 weeks time, I got a brand new 160 GB HDD by Sam­sung in exchan­ge.
Sin­ce Sam­sun­g’s P80 seri­es seems to have some pro­blems, it might be wiser to use tho­se HDDs as exter­nal back-up dri­ves only (that is, mine fai­led after only 7 mon­ths and I’m not a power-user). Howe­ver, I still went for ano­t­her Sam­sung HDD becau­se they offer a good cost-per­for­mance value.

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