meegan2.jpg “Then Whe­re Is Your God?”

“Don’t worry, all will be well. It’s ok. This god is here. That god is in you. That God is what you’­re going to do about this suf­fe­ring. God is in this peop­le. The more you live in Afri­ca, the more you rea­li­ze the power of faith in the­se coun­tries. Tha­t’s the won­der­ful thing. You don’t lea­ve Afri­ca over­whel­med with des­pair, in tears. You lea­ve Afri­ca inspi­red, becau­se you rea­li­ze that this con­ti­nent is so power­ful. It’s so strong, has so much love, so much ener­gy…”

Dr Micha­el Mee­gan, inter­na­tio­nal direc­tor of ICROSS, in an inter­view with BBC Hard­tal­k’s Ste­phen Sackur some­time ear­lier in 2005.

I came home from a play at the thea­ter last night and still had some ener­gy left to be was­ted in front of tv when I came across this inte­res­ting inter­view on BBC World with Micha­el who is said to be in Kenya sin­ce 27 years now. Des­pi­te of the inte­res­ting and com­mend­a­ble work he does in assis­ting the peop­le living or even dying with HIV+, his words and con­tent smi­le speak for them­sel­ves: the man has found his place.
In addi­ti­on, I think his cri­ti­cism towards inter­na­tio­nal aid & dev. orga­ni­sa­ti­ons and their ever chan­ging poli­ci­es is abso­lute­ly jus­ti­fied.

“I have always belie­ved it is our actions, not our thoughts that mat­ter. Tears have never fed a child, pity has never hea­led a wound. Unless words beco­me deeds, unless dreams are lived, they are mere decep­ti­ons”.
(Dr. Micha­el Mee­gan)

Inte­res­ting to note, btw, that peop­le in Ger­ma­ny will be spen­ding around 100 mil­li­on EUROs on fire­works on the last day of this year (on a sin­gle day!). Accord­ing to ICROSS’ dona­ti­on infor­ma­ti­on, tha­t’s a lot of food, vac­ci­na­ti­ons or mos­qui­to nets. Hmmm.…

p.s.: ati, isn’t that mzee The­si­ger? :-)

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