ODM’s inheritance

“Ken­yans are most­ly unawa­re that minis­ters have litt­le con­trol over the workings of their minis­tries and are small cogs in the gene­ral run­ning of the government which is domi­na­ted by Sta­te House offi­cials, inclu­ding of cour­se Cabi­net Secreta­ry Fran­cis Mut­hau­ra, who direct seni­or minis­try offi­cials to car­ry out func­tions and poli­ci­es without refe­rence to their minis­ters. The­re are excep­ti­ons — some favou­red minis­ters are free to run their out­fits as they deem fit.”

…says Rai­la Odin­ga, MP for Lan­ga­ta, in his call for snap polls in today­’s Stan­dard. // As a direct ana­lo­gy to this — sin­ce Rai­la also made a com­pa­ri­son to Ger­ma­ny in his open com­ment — this also reminds me of Ger­many’s Oskar Lafon­tai­ne and Gre­gor Gysi: Ger­man socia­listic poli­ti­ci­ans that glow with bril­li­ant rhe­to­ric but have a com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent appearan­ce once they are given cer­tain posi­ti­ons in the government. That is, the­se guys excel in their oppo­si­ti­on role and are much more use­ful for a demo­cra­tic pro­cess by adding their con­struc­ti­ve cri­ti­cism from that posi­ti­on. Sijui about Rai­la, though…

Update: reac­tions on Rai­la’s com­men­ta­ry here, here and here.

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