for your eyes only…

Just the other day I had my mum on the pho­ne and wan­ted to tell her about this awe­so­me “Je chan­te­rai pour toi” DVD I got when she told me: “yes, my dear, I alrea­dy read it in your blog.” (ati ?!)

My mum is cool.

(hi mum! :-)

Sooooooooo.….….….…… I figu­red, even if this blog just repres­ents a tiny frac­tion of who I am and what I would like to share with YOU out the­re, I will not hesi­ta­te a second to vol­un­teer, to sacri­fice mys­elf for your ulti­ma­te LMAO experience:

1993.jpg 1998.jpg
1993 1998

2004.jpg 2005.jpg
2004 2005

Facing Rea­li­ty, that is.

1993: that pic is from my Ken­y­an dri­ving licence (‘over 18’)
1998: that pic is from when yours tru­ly was doing it the cor­po­ra­te world way
2004: that pic is from when I rea­li­zed that shor­ter hair is bet­ter for working on a sewa­ge tre­at­ment plant
2005: that pic is from TODAY!

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