for your eyes only…

Just the other day I had my mum on the phone and wanted to tell her about this awesome “Je chanterai pour toi” DVD I got when she told me: “yes, my dear, I already read it in your blog.” (ati ?!)

My mum is cool.

(hi mum! :-)

Sooooooooo………………. I figured, even if this blog just represents a tiny fraction of who I am and what I would like to share with YOU out there, I will not hesitate a second to volunteer, to sacrifice myself for your ultimate LMAO experience:

1993.jpg 1998.jpg
1993                                         1998

2004.jpg 2005.jpg
2004                                             2005

Facing Reality, that is.

1993: that pic is from my Kenyan driving licence (‘over 18’)
1998: that pic is from when yours truly was doing it the corporate world way
2004: that pic is from when I realized that shorter hair is better for working on a sewage treatment plant
2005: that pic is from TODAY!

Author: jke

Hi, I am an engineer who freelances in water & sanitation-related IT projects at You'll also find me on Twitter @jke and Instagram.

13 thoughts on “for your eyes only…”

  1. Like your quick response to Mshairi. I did not know how to comment on the looks. I expected something a little the above

  2. Welcome to the brave world of photos. Good to see another blogger not afraid to show his face . You have now set yourself up for stalking:-). Handsome young man I say:-)

  3. Thank you all for your comments! I really appreciate :-) I put those pics of me here for different reasons, one being that I just thought it might be funny to see the change (if any) of looks over the years.
    Another friend of mine pointed out to me that I hardly ever smile on pictures. You know, this COLGATE smile. Me, me I :-) am a serious man.

    Uaridi, I did my internship on that sewage water treatment plant in the second half of 2004, which included cleaning those digestion tanks (~Biogas) and consequently resulted in myself being covered with OLD SHIT (rotted, though) so I had to take a shower at least 3x during those working shifts. Short hair adds up to the comfort.

    Bwana 58, yes, same style since 1990.

    Carina, thank you. In fact, there’s lots of grey hair.

    Adrian, yes, that thing in the background is a TUSKER poster I got from (then) KBL Ltd. among other goddies. My posters include the following:

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