Where elephants fight, the reeds get hurt.

Kudos to the Kenya Natio­nal Com­mis­si­on on Human Rights (KNCHR) for com­pi­ling a list of 40 poli­ti­ci­ans (“list of shame”) who­se dero­ga­to­ry speech along eth­nic and racial lines” during the refe­ren­dum cam­pai­gns were an inci­te­ment to vio­lence.
The way I under­stand it is that the KNCHR is not only into repro­ving tho­se poli­ti­ci­ans, but moreo­ver its a test to see how far the Attor­ney Gene­ral takes this mat­ter serious­ly. And plea­se note: “The Kenya Natio­nal Com­mis­si­on on Human Rights (the Com­mis­si­on) is an inde­pen­dent Natio­nal Human Rights Insti­tu­ti­on estab­lis­hed by an Act of Par­lia­ment.”
For me as an exter­nal obser­ver, it is nice to see how an inde­pen­det group real­ly gets to the point and puts the fin­ger into the wound, ther­eby chal­len­ging the who­le sys­tem. I think in many coun­tries we have a lot of poli­ti­ci­ans that are way too much invol­ved into the poli­ti­cal game(s) and the­re’s this big gap bet­ween the elec­to­ra­te and their elec­ted repre­sen­ta­ti­ves.
As for Kenya, the refe­ren­dum issue shows me that the­re are still a lot of things Ken­yans will need to deba­te upon, a lot of frus­tra­ti­on that needs to be dis­cus­sed. And when I look at my own coun­try — Ger­ma­ny — I see this huge gap bet­ween the peop­le from the East and West, North and South and I won­der if things over here could also beco­me as emo­tio­nal as in Kenya right now. What else does it take for peop­le over here to wake up and start taking part in tho­se dis­cus­sions? I know how dif­fi­cult it is to moti­va­te others on such issu­es but many only com­p­lain once its alrea­dy too late. May­be the­re a lot of poli­ti­cal decisi­ons that we can not agree with but it might alrea­dy help to talk about pro­blems and not to igno­re them and lea­ve them “to others”.

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