Mshale kwenda msituni haukupotea.

Adding even more per­so­nal con­tent to my web­log (ndi­yo, Adri­an & Hash!) — thus fol­lowing Niel­sen’s web­log gui­de­li­nes — I just thought about tel­ling you this litt­le nini that keeps on ban­ging insi­de my head:


The man and his fami­ly shown on the abo­ve pic­tu­re (click to enlar­ge) is non other than Bwa­na Har­ri­son W. Mun­yui of Ruaka — who hap­pens to run a suc­ces­ful taxi busi­ness clo­se to Runda esta­te (yes, that “Kraut­shill” part of NBO behind Vil­la­ge Market).
Now, this Kiku­ku* by the name of Lady Kikuyum­bu­zi* (a.k.a. Mbu­zi­mo­ja* a.k.a Man­da­zi­mo­ja*), who hails from the slo­pes of Mt. Bava­ria and its gre­at empi­re (remem­ber Becken­bau­er? He’s their Emperor) and who has spent her child­hood in Hoima (Ugan­da) and dif­fe­rent parts of Nai­ro­bi (Kenya), hap­pens to be Bwa­na Har­ri­son­’s big­gest and most per­sis­tent cus­to­mer. She is such a loy­al cus­to­mer that Har­ri­son took her to church last sunday — he asked her to accom­pa­ny him & his fami­ly to “Ruaka Revi­val Church Centre”.
What she did, of course.


Now.…as you might have figu­red alrea­dy, I am deeply in love with this Tan­ga­wi­zi-Lady*. That woman is strong and — the way it is with love — whenever I think of her, my heart fills with joy and hap­pi­ness and I can’t wait to see her again. But! — she just drop­ped me a few lines, tel­ling me that she will stay in Kenya for some more time and cur­r­ent­ly does­n’t think about fly­ing back to Ger­ma­ny. She did­n’t even lea­ve any tele­pho­ne “nam­ba” under which I could reach her…yani, out of sight, out of my mind? No way! She’s the one that made me think about doing more sports, even­tual­ly stop smo­king, focu­sing on my stu­dies and just being more con­cen­tra­ted on the things that will be good for me. But not by tel­ling me (I would­n’t like that) — ins­tead, she would just inspi­re me and make me rea­li­ze it mys­elf (I am an old man who needs some time to rea­li­ze wha­t’s good and bad and what women actual­ly mean when they say yes or no… :-).
So she left the other day for Kenya and I’m here and thin­king: she won’t come back? — then I’ll have to come and visit her! Mapen­zi ni kikoho­zi, haya­we­zi kufi­chi­ka. What are you wai­t­ing for, dude?

I am wai­t­ing to win the lot­te­ry which would enab­le me to buy a pla­ne ticket, I am wai­t­ing to find a way of stop­ping time so I could easi­ly just take a few days off to Kenya without being frigh­te­ned that I’d miss some important things over here — and may­be I am also wai­t­ing for her to tell me that I should just come, no mat­ter what…

Yani, upon see­ing Bwa­na Har­ri­son on that pic­tu­re and his mobi­le pho­ne num­ber pain­ted on his cabs door, I had this idea of cal­ling him.…what would it be alike?:
“Hel­lo?” — “yes, hel­lo, this is Kikuyu­mo­ja cal­ling.. Am I spea­king to Har­ri­son?” — “Ehhh.…HAhahaha.” -“Ehh…wî mwe­ga?” — “Ndî mega.…hahaha” — ( …more gree­tings here… ) .… (even more) .… — “Sasa, Har­ri­son, me I am having this pro­blem.… I have just arri­ved at JKIA and I am loo­king for that Mzun­gu­la­dy who hap­pens to be your regu­laaaar cas-tam-aa. You know, the one that has this Wanga­ri­Maat­hai powa, the one with that ken­y­an nose and blon­de hair and who just likes to be your guest.…” — “Eh…Hahahaaaa” — “ you know her?” — “Eh…Hahaha…of cour­se I know her, she’s very nice!” — “YEAH, SHE IS! ..Tûrî na mbû­ri nje­ga*… :-)” — “Whe­re are you now?” —  “I am at JKIA and I would like to be your next cus­to­mer.” — “Wait…me I’ll come”.….t.b.c

What would you do if the per­son you’­re real­ly in love with is some 6600 kms away and you just want to see her again?

*@Mshai­ri­mo­ja: of cour­se all tho­se are terms of endearment! ;-)

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