Mshale kwenda msituni haukupotea.

Adding even more personal content to my weblog (ndiyo, Adrian & Hash!) – thus following Nielsen’s weblog guidelines – I just thought about telling you this little nini that keeps on banging inside my head:


The man and his family shown on the above picture (click to enlarge) is non other than Bwana Harrison W. Munyui of Ruaka – who happens to run a succesful taxi business close to Runda estate (yes, that “Krautshill” part of NBO behind Village Market).
Now, this Kikuku* by the name of Lady Kikuyumbuzi* (a.k.a. Mbuzimoja* a.k.a Mandazimoja*), who hails from the slopes of Mt. Bavaria and its great empire (remember Beckenbauer? He’s their Emperor) and who has spent her childhood in Hoima (Uganda) and different parts of Nairobi (Kenya), happens to be Bwana Harrison’s biggest and most persistent customer. She is such a loyal customer that Harrison took her to church last sunday – he asked her to accompany him & his family to “Ruaka Revival Church Centre”.
What she did, of course.


Now….as you might have figured already, I am deeply in love with this Tangawizi-Lady*. That woman is strong and – the way it is with love – whenever I think of her, my heart fills with joy and happiness and I can’t wait to see her again. But! – she just dropped me a few lines, telling me that she will stay in Kenya for some more time and currently doesn’t think about flying back to Germany. She didn’t even leave any telephone “namba” under which I could reach her…yani, out of sight, out of my mind? No way! She’s the one that made me think about doing more sports, eventually stop smoking, focusing on my studies and just being more concentrated on the things that will be good for me. But not by telling me (I wouldn’t like that) – instead, she would just inspire me and make me realize it myself (I am an old man who needs some time to realize what’s good and bad and what women actually mean when they say yes or no… :-).
So she left the other day for Kenya and I’m here and thinking: she won’t come back? — then I’ll have to come and visit her! Mapenzi ni kikohozi, hayawezi kufichika. What are you waiting for, dude?

I am waiting to win the lottery which would enable me to buy a plane ticket, I am waiting to find a way of stopping time so I could easily just take a few days off to Kenya without being frightened that I’d miss some important things over here – and maybe I am also waiting for her to tell me that I should just come, no matter what…

Yani, upon seeing Bwana Harrison on that picture and his mobile phone number painted on his cabs door, I had this idea of calling him….what would it be alike?:
“Hello?” – “yes, hello, this is Kikuyumoja calling.. Am I speaking to Harrison?” – “Ehhh….HAhahaha.” -“Ehh…wî mwega?” – “Ndî mega….hahaha” – ( …more greetings here… ) …. (even more) …. – “Sasa, Harrison, me I am having this problem…. I have just arrived at JKIA and I am looking for that Mzungulady who happens to be your regulaaaar cas-tam-aa. You know, the one that has this WangariMaathai powa, the one with that kenyan nose and blonde hair and who just likes to be your guest….” – “Eh…Hahahaaaa” – “ you know her?” – “Eh…Hahaha…of course I know her, she’s very nice!” – “YEAH, SHE IS! ..Tûrî na mbûri njega*… :-)” – “Where are you now?” –  “I am at JKIA and I would like to be your next customer.” – “Wait…me I’ll come”…..t.b.c

What would you do if the person you’re really in love with is some 6600 kms away and you just want to see her again?

*@Mshairimoja: of course all those are terms of endearment! ;-)

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5 thoughts on “Mshale kwenda msituni haukupotea.”

  1. Now I can see and understand those are terms of endearment, Kikuyumoja – I can understand what Tangawizi-Lady (this is a far nicer term of endearment:) means to you from what you have written. You are indeed lucky to have someone who has made you change your life in such far-reaching and fundamental ways.

    Awww, mapenzi! I feel inspired to write a poem:)

  2. Oh – asante muno :-)

    In fact, I couldn’t get online for some time and I was anxious to know what my visitors would think about this blog entry – already thought about taking it down again because it is somehow strange to write about love, feelings and also about the effect it has on me. But then: why not? Why shouldn’t I make the difference?
    There are some important people in my life that inspire me through their actions and so I thought about using all those inspirations and comming up with my own picture of how things could be seen. In this particular case, it’s not just about telling my readers how much I like this and that person, it’s more about how others do have an effect on me. And I’m not talking about established heroes like Jesus or so, but just ordinary ppl like you and me. I like that. Communication, Interaction, an exchange of ideas.
    And the best part of course is that I actually sent a short message via my mobile phone to Harrison – and you know what? He replied! YEAH!

  3. I am glad you did not take the post down. Talking about love and the people who have affected you is a wonderful thing for readers such as me, JKE.

    Speaking as a (pesa nane) poet and to quote Stevie Wonder, ‘love is in need of love’.

  4. That was a really nice post. And if he was 6600 kms away, I would beg, borrow, steal, save like a maniac and I would jump on aplane and pucker my lips in anticipation of that first kiss.

    I like your blog. Will make my way this way again.

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