tool time at the crack of dawn


Is there anything on the internet that really generates traffic? Especially for weblogs? Ndiyo. Nerd-content and that msn-search-nini I talked about the other day. Huuu….embarrassing.


There’s this jamaaa who lives in St.Petersburg, FL, USA and who’s been schooling with me in NBO. He moved there the other day becos he got a decent job offer and apparently couldn’t stand the rainy weather over here. I think by that time no one had told him about hurricanes (hurry – cane = hakora haraka? :-) – those not-so-occasional diarrheas by the Mungus of water. Ati bwana, wot exactly are u doing there?  Ama should I come ova  and teach u some manners? Ah…ntz….tz… Kwani?

Because of this:
(..those leafes weren’t included..)

Ati? I really really appreciate this, lieber Mathias, but honestly – would YOU wear this when your gf is around? Wot? She’s the one who picked it out? (yes, I AM AFRAID of wearing this in public :-)

I like that tool bag, though. Nice one! :-)

On a more serious note: calling either a fixed line or mobile number in the US from Germany costs around 0,016 EUR (1,59 cents!)/minute. Calling a german mobile number from within Germany costs at least 0,22 EUR (22 cents!). Something is SO wrong with this country (and I haven’t even mentioned the costs of sending short messages…).

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