blog with flock

“We love Flock as much as you do (may­be more), so we’­ve deci­ded to make free blogs avail­ab­le to Flock users…”

Hehe.…inspired by Ory’s latest posts from Popt­ech, I just had to check out Flock (the­se guys even have fun­ny pics on Flickr — well, the usu­al start up stuff — as fea­tured on Boing­Bo­ing et al the other day) and it’s just NICE! Flock is a new brow­ser, simi­lar to Fire­fox. The dif­fe­rence is that Flock make use of Web 2.0 stuff like tags, blogs and shared favou­rites as seen on Of cour­se I don’t want to share ALL my favourites/bookmarks with you out the­re — BUT!, it’s just a neat all-in-one tool for all tho­se Web 2.0 rela­ted goo­dies like Flickr & Co. 

So why would you want to use it? 

Simp­le. It’s a new brow­ser and new stuff is always cool. LOL.…that of cour­se isn’t the only rea­son. I don’t know how long this hype around Flock will actual­ly pre­vail, but what I do think is that it might take a full brow­ser to help other brow­sers like FF, Ope­ra or even MSIE get goin’ and even­tual­ly rea­li­ze what users will need in the end. I am drea­ming of a brow­ser that works as the basis for all (a.k.a. refe­rence for web­de­si­gners) and still gives us the chan­ce to make pro­per use of exten­si­ons as in FF & Co.

In any case — I am still thin­king about this Fab­Lab nini… (thx, Ory!)