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"We love Flock as much as you do (maybe more), so we’ve decided to make free blogs available to Flock users…"

Hehe….inspired by Ory’s latest posts from Poptech, I just had to check out Flock (these guys even have funny pics on Flickr – well, the usual start up stuff – as featured on BoingBoing et al the other day) and it’s just NICE! Flock is a new browser, similar to Firefox. The difference is that Flock make use of Web 2.0 stuff like tags, blogs and shared favourites as seen on Of course I don’t want to share ALL my favourites/bookmarks with you out there – BUT!, it’s just a neat all-in-one tool for all those Web 2.0 related goodies like Flickr & Co.

So why would you want to use it?

Simple. It’s a new browser and new stuff is always cool. LOL….that of course isn’t the only reason. I don’t know how long this hype around Flock will actually prevail, but what I do think is that it might take a full browser to help other browsers like FF, Opera or even MSIE get goin’ and eventually realize what users will need in the end. I am dreaming of a browser that works as the basis for all (a.k.a. reference for webdesigners) and still gives us the chance to make proper use of extensions as in FF & Co.

In any case – I am still thinking about this FabLab nini… (thx, Ory!)

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  1. You know, I had signed up for the Beta and got the email that I could get going with this Flock thing. Being the lazy white african that I am, I have done nothing with it yet. This blog has inspired me to do great things with Flock. Thank you yet again KikuyuMoja.

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