QRV de 5Z4

…CQ CQ CQ ….CBS 104.5 FM de 5Z4 is on air! CQ CQ CQ….

>>One afternoon, as he was a repairing his father’s pocket radio, he thought about setting up a small station to play music and entertain his friends. …After while, he was able to create a transmitter using capacitors, resistors, diodes and a host of wires removed from damaged electronics. He then improvised two old record player casings to come up with a mixer. He used an iron plate, a frying pan and a metal rod to make a booster, which he hang on a tree in the compound….He had achieved all this without any formal study of electronics
CBS FM operates just like any other station with a dawn-to-midnight schedule. With the help of four other volunteers, Otieno and co-presenter Joseph Odhiambo, 21, ensure the station operates non-stop. The five include a reporter who gathers local news for broadcast.
Transmission begins at 5am with Gospel Tunes, a music programme that runs runs up to 6am. The first news bulletin at 7am mainly covers happenings in Oboch and surrounding villages….And just like other FM stations in the country, CBS FM has phone-in sessions, when listeners can phone and request for their favourite songs or contribute to debates moderated by the two.<<

Hongera! True ham spirit is still alive in EAK :-)
Now, doesn’t this initiative deserve some support from the CCK & The Amateur Radio Society of Kenya (ARSK)?

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