QRV de 5Z4

…CQ CQ CQ .…CBS 104.5 FM de 5Z4 is on air! CQ CQ CQ.…

»One after­noon, as he was a repai­ring his father’s pocket radio, he thought about set­ting up a small sta­ti­on to play music and enter­tain his friends. …After while, he was able to crea­te a trans­mit­ter using capa­ci­tors, resis­tors, diodes and a host of wires remo­ved from dama­ged elec­tro­nics. He then impro­vi­sed two old record play­er casings to come up with a mixer. He used an iron pla­te, a fry­ing pan and a metal rod to make a boos­ter, which he hang on a tree in the compound.…He had achie­ved all this without any for­mal stu­dy of elec­tro­nics
CBS FM ope­ra­tes just like any other sta­ti­on with a dawn-to-mid­ni­ght sche­du­le. With the help of four other vol­un­te­ers, Oti­eno and co-pre­sen­ter Joseph Odhiam­bo, 21, ensu­re the sta­ti­on ope­ra­tes non-stop. The five inclu­de a repor­ter who gathers local news for broad­cast.
Trans­mis­si­on begins at 5am with Gos­pel Tunes, a music pro­gram­me that runs runs up to 6am. The first news bul­le­tin at 7am main­ly covers hap­pe­nings in Obo­ch and sur­roun­ding villages.…And just like other FM sta­ti­ons in the coun­try, CBS FM has pho­ne-in ses­si­ons, when lis­teners can pho­ne and request for their favou­rite songs or con­tri­bu­te to deba­tes mode­ra­ted by the two.«

Hon­ge­ra! True ham spi­rit is still ali­ve in EAK :-)
Now, does­n’t this initia­ti­ve deser­ve some sup­port from the CCK & The Ama­teur Radio Socie­ty of Kenya (ARSK)?

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