First_lessons_in_kikuyu.jpg>>While you are learning the first nine lessons it is most important that you should learn to pronounce Kikuyu properly. The best way is to get an intelligent educated Kikuyu to help you." (page 51)<<

>>Excercise IX/4/6 – Translate into English: "Nûû ûkûhûra Njoroge? // Key: Who will beat Njoroge? (page 60)<<


Is it just me or are there any other people who are wondering about those strange words? They’re from this "First Lessons in Kikuyu" booklet as pictured at the left, by L.S.B. Leakey. (reprint of 1989, ex-1959!). I bought it at a Text Book Center in Nairobi. I think they’re still selling it. Even on Amazon

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