First_lessons_in_kikuyu.jpg»While you are lear­ning the first nine les­sons it is most important that you should learn to pro­noun­ce Kikuyu pro­per­ly. The best way is to get an intel­li­gent edu­ca­ted Kikuyu to help you.” (page 51)«

»Excer­cise IX/4/6 — Trans­la­te into Eng­lish: “Nûû ûkûhû­ra Njo­ro­ge? // Key: Who will beat Njo­ro­ge? (page 60)«


Is it just me or are the­re any other peop­le who are won­de­ring about tho­se stran­ge words? They’­re from this “First Les­sons in Kikuyu” book­let as pic­tu­red at the left, by L.S.B. Lea­key. (reprint of 1989, ex-1959!). I bought it at a Text Book Cen­ter in Nai­ro­bi. I think they’­re still sel­ling it. Even on Ama­zon

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