googlerssreader.pngAnother beta product: Google’s RSS Reader.

THIS THING ROCKS! …i was playing with it for a few minutes and found it very useful. Why any hassle with installing RSS software if you can have it online? You’ll just need a gmail account (gmail accounts are given away upon invitation by other gmail users to avoid spam – if you still need one, drop your email below in the comment and I’ll send out an invitation) and that’s it.

I searched the reader for "Kikuyumoja" (of course) and came accross this Kiku’s Blogcasting Corporation (KBC) entry. LOL I am not a podcaster as of yet, but I did have an mp3 file linked to the story – and Google’s RSS Reader instantly switched on a player plugin for easy playback. The UI is just awesome. …. Now what’s next to come? A Google OS? A Google mobile phone/mp3 player/gadgetimojanini?
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  1. Why don’t u use Its the shorter URL. I’m not quite sure why I should be using googles rss reader, since I’ve got all my feeds in Firefox as live bookmarks, and thats quite convinient as well. Sometimes google scares me a little, these folks are too succesful, remember the “epic 2014” flash film? I understand that probaly quite soon software applications can be run directly via your browser and google has got their hands on this. In that case MS-Office an so on could either get replacable, or at least could be sold on a “payment per time” basis.

  2. I could use a GMail invite… Long and embarrasing story. Okay, not so long, but embarrassing. I had one and set it up about 4 months ago but have since forgotten all my log-in info. If you have an invite handy I’d appreciate it.

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