googlerssreader.pngAno­t­her beta pro­duct: Goog­le’s RSS Rea­der.

THIS THING ROCKS! …i was play­ing with it for a few minu­tes and found it very use­ful. Why any hass­le with instal­ling RSS soft­ware if you can have it online? You’ll just need a gmail account (gmail accounts are given away upon invi­ta­ti­on by other gmail users to avoid spam — if you still need one, drop your email below in the com­ment and I’ll send out an invi­ta­ti­on) and tha­t’s it.

I sear­ched the rea­der for “Kikuyu­mo­ja” (of cour­se) and came accross this Kiku’s Blog­cas­ting Cor­po­ra­ti­on (KBC) ent­ry. LOL I am not a pod­cas­ter as of yet, but I did have an mp3 file lin­ked to the sto­ry — and Goog­le’s RSS Rea­der instant­ly swit­ched on a play­er plugin for easy play­back. The UI is just awe­so­me. .… Now wha­t’s next to come? A Goog­le OS? A Goog­le mobi­le phone/mp3 player/gadgetimojanini?
[found via & (“beau­ti­ful, needs work”)] 

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