Run, Forrest Mbuzi, run…


"Any marathon participant who has not completed the course after five hours will be picked up by a trail vehicle."

Do I need to mention more details on the suicide running business and a certain Mr. Kikuyumoja??  —  Baaasi.

Now, this fearless little Mbuzimoja, also known as Lady Kikuyumbuzi, who has recently checked the temperature up on Mount Kenya and who loves strolling Gikomba(a) market for stylish GOLA footwear and other goodies at a good bargain price, today told me that she thinks about taking part in Nairobi’s Marathon. The Half-Marathon, that is.

 Weeeh….Wot kind of woman is zzzaaaaht? Is she some sort of Wangari Maathai? Now what’s next? Will she conquer Lake Victoria and swim to Uganda one day?

I’m such a man. Give me a Mugumo tree and I will find a place to sleep. –  Women? Ati? Aren’t they the ones supposed to be doing the work?
Now, leave me alone and don’t bother with such silly questions. I am a hard working thinking man and I’ll need to find some sleep. And yes, if you happen to be on your way anyways, (please) make sure to get a nice beer for me. Yes, those cold ones from outside. Sasa, ûka!….ndûrehe maî!

Women. You give them uhuru and they start conqueering the world….and there’s no way we can stop them! And you know what? While they are busy planting trees, fetching water, raising the children and basically running the country (every country!), we’re still looking for the keychain that opens the door to our well-polished NYAYO car. What’s our role?  Mbugi ndîkîrîte mûriha! :-)

(@Kikuyumbuzi: I wish I’d be in NBO now…as for the marathon, DO IT. I am your man. I’ll massage your feet when you’re back, I will cook for you and play some music for you. At least something that I can do as well. Mimi.. me i am expert! :-)

Author: jke

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