“If they announ­ce the iPod video, I’m going to start video­blog­ging.” [WeB­reak­S­tuff]

Does that mean we will have to wait for this iPod video to be released? What about mobi­le pho­nes then? My Nokia 6230 alrea­dy has the abi­li­ty to play (3GP) vide­os. The down­si­de? 1. pic­tu­re qua­li­ty, 2. an even smal­ler screen and (most import­ant­ly) 3. you know how long it takes to get the video on that damn pho­ne/sd-card ? Yeah. 

@Apple.com: iVlog® (®=JKE’s :-)

YES, and while I’m still thin­king about Web2.0 and the future of all tho­se nice things: what about a Flickr-sty­led web­site for vide­os ins­tead of just pic­tures? (hint, hint :-) .…in any case, the future will be BETA! LOL (~flickr beta, goog­le earth/rss/blogsearch/etc. beta, etc.)

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