kwenda uko!


Some of you might alrea­dy know this pic­tu­re Chris­toph Grandt has publis­hed on his pic­tures­que web­site some time ago.
I’d prin­ted it out the other day and stuck it on the door.
Why? Three rea­sons:
1. The bana­na peel next to the sign­board. A lovely detail.
2. The mes­sa­ge is direct — if you have no-thing to do, do not do it here. (UKIKOSA ????)
3. This is Kenya. I have no addi­tio­nal infor­ma­ti­on on this pic­tu­re and in fact, I for­got to ask Bw Grandt about details on whe­re exact­ly he took this pic (may­be in Kitui, as the other pics are from that area). If you look at this sign­board, one instant­ly seems to think that the lay­out of the let­ters could have been bet­ter ~ is just hor­ri­ble. Yaaa­ni, I think that some Muhin­di busi­ness­man draw this “arran­ge­ment” with his BIC® on a pie­ce of KARATASI® paper and gave it to a “sign­board artist”. Now, Kenya being Kenya, the artist might have thought that it would be bet­ter to just do the job the way he’s used to. Of cour­se he could have come up with his own idea of how to arran­ge the who­le design/layout, but ins­tead, he appar­ent­ly just tried to make tho­se let­ters fit onto the signboard.

And that exact­ly is the dif­fe­rence bet­ween Ger­ma­ny and Kenya, for instance. If you hap­pen to find such an “artist” over here, he would most defi­ni­te­ly tell you that it is not pos­si­ble this way. Ins­tead, he would tell you that he needs a big­ger sign­board or need to chan­ge some­thing about it. And I remain with the ques­ti­on: wha­t’s better?

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